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Contract: 0xf74697d8A2D833B2ADC0FbfFA934608AC9eB4ad7

👋 We are now live on PINKSALE!

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Don't fomo when Blue Chip Meme Coins moon without you, TardFi has you covered. With TardFi, we make sure that you get a piece of that moon mission so you don’t miss out. Our protocol copy-trades the biggest whales on Base and airdrops the tokens to you. Simply put, we boost your Base bags so you don't have to. By holding TardFi you’re never on the sidelines.

We automate your wins

Don't sell your low cap gems to fomo into pumps you’ve missed.. Buy & hold TardFi to automatically accumulate the blue chips our tech is already buying.

Protocol Mechanics

Protocol Mechanics

Our advanced AI automated contracts trade on both sentiment and whale activity to deliver the best value back to our holders. Your tax money is not tax, it's an investment back into your portfolio.

Senior Team

Senior Team

Our protocol is led by a powerhouse team of six, all seasoned in crypto with senior and C-level experience and expertise spanning blockchain, finance, trading, marketing, operational and regulatory sectors.

KOLs & Partners

KOLs & Partners

Our team has fostered enduring relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the cryptocurrency space for many years, something which we will leverage to maximize the awareness of the TardFi mission.

🚀 The right coins, at the right time, based on the right information, is how TardFi will deliver wins like whales do.

🤖 AI driven whale-copy 🐳 makes the right rotations so that our tax becomes your investment

🤑 TardFi is here to print for you. Join the biggest 2024 narrative’s presale today


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The Roadmap


Presale Launch


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Protocol upgrades

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